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    Fast reliable transport to Greece and Cyprus
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    We've been transporting freight to Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus since 1970
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    From small personal effects shipments to commercial and project forwarding, we can meet your needs.
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    Unlike many others, we only transport to this region and have huge expertise and experience to bring to your requirement
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    Use the contact form, to get in touch and lets discuss your specific requirements
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    We've been around a long time! Two images separated by over 40 years both representing, outstanding freight shipping to Greece & Cyprus


Transporting Freight to Greece & Cyprus for over 40 years

“Anglo Greek are freight forwarders and forwarding agents specialising in the markets of Greece, including the islands and Cyprus”

Anglo Greek Forwarding Agents have been trading since 1970 providing freight forwarding services by road and sea to and from the Greek mainland and its islands and by sea container to Cyprus.

Appreciably during this time we have encountered and overcome every imaginable obstacle, which a market can throw at the importer or exporter of freight goods and we consider ourselves peerless in terms of  transport experience to and from Greece and Cyprus.

You can be assured that if you contact Anglo Greek your enquiry will be dealt with immediately and that our full and dedicated  attention to all your subsequent  requirements will be equally prompt. Our office is attended 24 hours so we are always here for any out of  usual office hours requirements. That’s why many of our clients have been with us for decades. We believe 100% that once you have enjoyed the level of service we provide, you will retain us as your freight service provider for Greece and Cyprus.

Our aim is to provide a user friendly, complete and dedicated freight forwarders and forwarding agents service to encompass every aspect and requirement surrounding the movement of our client’s cargoes. Here are some of our specialist services:

Please contact us by filling out the form below, phone or email: